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There is a rumour been put about that we are no longer fxpro trading going to commission wagons, this is untrue, and we  intend continue to work with Dapol to produce wagons every month. 

John Langley.


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                               Wagons for May

                   Walls Ice Cream tanker   £15.00

    Ice cream is said fxpro mt4 download to have been served up at Windsor Castle C 1671 at the Feast of St. George banquet, now we all can enjoy it. All profits go to SURE, The Somerset Unit for Radiotherapy Equipment, in the fight against Cancer.

                         Walls Ice Cream van   £12.50

    Many fxpro demo will remember when holidays meant having more ice creams than usual and Walls 'Stop Me and Buy One', bikes. All profits to  go to Hospiscare, Exeter.  

                          Somerset Collieries  £12.00

    Sir Frank Beauchamp had an ever expanding empire of collieries; by 1925 he could see the logic in consolidating them. Somerset collieries was created.  All profits go to Little Gate Farm, who help people with Learning Disabilities  into paid work.

                           Rhymney Brewery   £12.50             

    One of many breweries  that were acquired by another brewery and ceased brewing, Ceased brewing 1978, a new Rhymney brewery began brewing 2003.

                               Alloa Brewery £12.50                       

    This will be our first scotish wagon, the brewery was founded 1810, acquired by Archibald Arrol 1866, a number of changes took place over the years.1921 they produced lager for Samuel Allsopp & Sons of Burton-on-Trent who in 1930 took controlling interest in Alloa. Brewing ceased 1998, brewery demolished 2001.

                  Previous commissions in stock  

    Caleb E. Young of Sherborne, Removals. A container on a conflat.  £15 .00

    Apart from just a removal business, he was a Contractor to H.M's Government, also an Appointed Agent for Transit of goods to Foerign Parts. 

    John Wainwright & Company, Tar Macadam Manufactures of London & Shepton Mallet.  A  5 plank wagon   £12.00

    John Wainwright & Co. was founded in 1891 when an auctioneer  decided to diversify into the quarry industry. All profits will go to Breath Easy,The British Lung Foundation.

    Budden & Biggs Brewery, Strood, Rochester   £12.50 

    The brewery begun life as Biggs Brewery in Wrotham, later Jonathan Biggs acquired premises in Strood and moved the business there, In the late 1850's was called Strood Steam Ale Brewery. 1897 joined with James Budden, becoming Budden & Biggs. 

        Hastings Fresh Fish                               £12.50

    A second run of this wagon due to popular demand, with a new running number and displaying the famous net shops on the sides. All profits will go to the Hastings Fishermen's Museum.

    Magna Cider of Marston Magna, Somerset      £12.50

    Marston Magna was situated in an apple growing area supplying the Marston Magna Cider and Production Company, established 1901. The cider side of the business was acquired by Showerings of Shepton Mallet.

    First Swiss Alpine Milk Exporting Co. £15.00

    The company began operating 1882, the milk was sold as additive free with fortifying properties.

    Old Delabole Slate Company                 £13.00

    Approx. 2 miles from Camelford in Cornwall is the quarry 425 feet deep and more than a mile and a half in circumference is the quarry of Old Delabole Slate Company. All profits go to BRACE to fund research into Alzheimer's and other form's of Dementia.

     Devenish & Groves  Brewers 19 Left  £12.50

    Devenish & Groves were a result of different breweries acquiring others and selling others.

    Ennis Vale Milk tanker £15.00
    14 LEFT

    Ennis Vale clotted cream was a favourite  for your cream tea in the 1920's., a real Cornish delight. All profits go to the Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia Support Group.

    The Norton Mills Co. of Norton Fitzwarren      £12.50

    The Norton Mills Co. produced both plain and self raising flour, now closed.

     Shipstones Breweries of Nottingham  £12.50

    James Shipstone & Sons, Star Brewery of Nottingham founded the Star Brewery of Nottingham 1852 acquired by Greenall Whitley who later closed the brewery. Now a Little Star Brewery producing Shipstones Ale.  All profits go to BIBIC, British Institute for Brain Injured Children. 

    W. Hudson Household Removals      £15.00

    Long before the Channel Hudson's were moving furniture and goods not only around the U.K. but also to and from the continent. All profits go to the Hastings Tramways Club to help rebuilding an old tramcar

    John Lovering & Co of St Austell     £12.00
    13 Left

    John Lovering a major player in the China Clay industry with others quarrying and transporting china clay, formed English China Clay Ltd.

          Lion Salt Works of Northwich  £12.50
     18 Left

    The Lion Salt Works opened 1894, closed in 1986 but now after much work has become a museum, so future generations will be able to learn about Cheshire's salt industry.  All profits to go to the Lion Salt Works Trust. 

    John Gibbon of Pontypridd                    £12.00   

    With little Known about this company apart that the wagon came from the Gloucester  Railway Carriage and Wagon Company Limited works.

    John Board, Bath Bricks of Bridgwater £12.50
     12 Left

    These bricks were made from deposits from the River Parrett's banks near Bridgwater and were scouring bricks, all wrapped individually in paper                                          All profits to go to Friends of Blake Museum

    G. Russell of St Leonards - on- Sea    £12.00

    This wagon was built by the Midland Railway Carriage and Wagon Co. Ltd. and registered by the SE&CR in 1906. The wagon is thought to have belonged Guy Russell a coal merchant who lived in Silchester Road in St Leonards.

    Hoare Brothers of Tavistock                      £15.00

    1912 Hoare Brothers began Quarrying at Wallabrook Quarry, Tavistock, so beginning a road metal contractors, stone crushers and stone merchants business.

               Cromer Crabs & Fish      £12.50  12 Left

    Cromer has for many years been famous for tasty crabs, having self imposed a volutary restriction only landing crabs over four & a half inches across the carapace (the hard shell on the back of crabs)  as far back as C1874.                                         All profits go to Jula's House. The Dorset and Wiltshire Childrens Hospices.

    Chiltonian Biscuits of Sidley, Bexhill  £12.50

    The Chiltonian Biscuit factory closed C 1980. The Eddie Izzard family layout was presented to Bexhill Museum by Eddie and his brother Mark, and updated by a few members of the Bexhill M.R.C. The biscuit factory was depicted on the layout needing the wagons to go with it. So others may enjoy these wagons here they are.                    All profits go to Autism Sussex to help with their work  
    Chiltonian Biscuit wagon being held by John and Eddie Izzard at the Bexhill Museum in front of the Izzard family layout. 

    W.H. PINNEY & Co. of  Axminister & Lyme Regis                             19 Left                  £12.00

    Pinney was a coal and general merchant carrying corn, timber, bricks, tiles, slates, Portland Cement, artificial manures, molassine feeding meal and coal. Available with coal or timber load.          All profits go to Lyme Regis Museum

    Somerton Steam Brewery of  Somerset 2.50                         18 Left

    One of Somerset's many breweries,1872 was producing Family bitter ale, beer, porter and malt. By 1906 they were also  producing mineral waters. In 1921 was sold by auction.

           Sidney Fussell & Sons Ltd.     £12.50                       Cross Keys Brewery of Rode 9 Left

    It appears that the brewery had been passed down through the Fussell family for many years. During the 2nd World War they brewed beer for the Anglo Brewery of Shepton Mallet. 1962 acquired by the Bass group and closed.                                       All profits go to Dorothy House Hospice Care.

    Mew, Langton's Brewers Isle of Wight  £15.00

    Founded C1814 the Royal Brewery was the largest brewery on the Island, developed screw top cans,and a major supplyer to to the military at Portsmouth and elsewhere.    Also granted a Royal Warrant to supply Queen Victoria.                           All profits go to the Ian Richie Foundation to help those with Cistic Fibrosis 

    Culm Davy Brick & Tile Co.Ltd. of Devon                                                  £12.00            6 Left

    A short lived company formed 1876 hoping to exploit the clay found around the Culm Davy area, They had a 22 chains private sidings on the Culm Valley line, the company was wound up in 1881.

    Charles Faram, Hop Factors & Merchants of Worcester.                  8 Left                   £16.50        

    Established 1865, Charles Faram has worked with both growers and brewers. They buy and sell worldwide and have 120 didifferent varieties including their own.               All profits go to the Weston General Hospital Scanner Appeal.        

    Wye Valley Asparagus                                  £13.00

    The Wye Valley has been noted for the taste and quality of the Asparagus grown there. Originally a wild seashore plant a source of iron, folic acid, vitamins and fiber.

    Guest Keen & Nettlefords Lltd. of Dowlais                           2 left                       £15.00

    This wagon would have carried iron ore from Llanharry to the G K N's Dowlais ironworks at Dowlais Merthyr Tydfil.    All profits go to Cancer Research Wales.

    L. Williams & Son of Aberthaw          £12.50

    This wagon would be one of five acquired by L. Williams in 1897to transport coal for the lime works.They had their own siding north oh St. Athan Road Station. South Wales is one of the areas that blue lias is found.                                              
     All profits go to Guide Dogs for the Blind.

    Welsh Hills, Dandelion & Burdock  of Porth                               13 Left                   £12.50

    In the days when men worked long years in the mines, they enjoyed drinking in the pub with friendsafter work, this would oftern result in drunkenness. Two men Thomas and Evans produced soft drinks to avoid heavy drinking by many.  All profits go to Ty Hafan Children's Hospice.

           Wilts United Dairies, Dipoloma Brand Condensed Milk        14 Left                   £12.50ft

    From the factory at Trowbridge, Wilts United Dairy produced condensed milk, m,uch went for export. Another to go with the Wilts United Dairy Wagonsthat we have already commissioned. All profits go to the Castle Kids Club and Weston Hospicecare.

    Strong of Romsey, Horsefair Brewery
     6 Left    £12.50

    The brewery was founded C 1788, was first leased 1858 then purchased 1883 by Thomas Strong, taken over 1886 by David Farber. Acquired by Whitbread 1969, ceased brewingc 1981. 

    John Marston, Dolphin Brewery of Poole                                                      £12.50

    The Dolphin Brewery, Market Poole, started life in a humble way in a shed next to the Dolphin Inn, established C1745. The Antelope Brewery was acquired in 1870. the brewery had many owners then acquired by Strong & Co. in1926. Demolished 1974.

    Port Talbot Steel Co. Ltd.                       £12.00

    This Wagon was part of an order to the Glouchester Wagon & Carriage Works  in 1906. The Port Talbot steel works have been renowned for making good quality steel.

               Westleigh Stone & Lime Co. Ltd.  of       Burlescombe          £12.50                               

    The quarrying had gone on around Burlescombe for many years, the area had many lime kilns. With the coming of the railway first they had a tramway from the quarry, then the G W R took over the line  they built a standard gauge line to Burlescombe Station.       All profits go to Burnham Railway Heritage Group.

    Norman Hunt & Sons of Sedlescombe, Battle.                                             £12.50

    Norman Hunt and Sons are a family farming business who have been growing apples since the1930s making fine ciders, this is the third in a series of Norman Hunt wagons with the last will be out later in 2017.All profits from the sale of the Crowman wagons go to The Parchment Trust helping disabled young people,

    A. Bowering of Bridgwater      4 Left   £12.50

    The firm has been in the Bowering family since it started life in 1770 as a backery and flour miller. after a major fire that destroyed their premises they then moved their home to the Bridgwater Docks in 1957 and remain there today.

    Ridlers Cider from Herefordshire          £12.50

    The 1800's saw a change in cider making, after many years being made in small quantities by local farmers, factory made cider began to be produced. When the the railways arrived they were able to transport heave goods into the big cities. Evans & Ridlers were some of the first to take advantage of this.

    Ennis Vale Butter from Cornwall            £12.50
    6 Left

    Ennis Vale Butter was produced by Primrose Dairies, The butter displayed the "National Mark" this was introduced early 1935 to increase production, 
    as only 10 % consumed in Britian was home produced.

    Alton Court Brewery of Ross - on - Wye
     £12.50  17 Left

    Brewing use to be one of the towns main industries, hops and barley were grown in the surrounding area. The brewery was founded 1846, liquated 1961.

    Clinch & Co. Ltd. Douglas, Isle of Man.  £15.00
    16 Left

    Lake Brewery, North Quay, Douglas, I.O.M founded by George Booth 1779 acquired John williame Clinch 1868. 1948 acquired by Castletown Brewery.

    United Dairies              10 Left                 £15.00

    These  glass lined tankers took milk from various parts of the country, arriving with fresh milk in the cities  improving the health of the city dwellers.

             SHELL BP Rectangular Tank   £15.00
    3 Left

    This is our third rectangular tanker.                              All profits go to the Diesel and Electric Preservation Group based on the West Somerset Railway.