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Another of March wagons now in stock. 

Braysdown Colliery                         £12.00

Another Somerset colliery from the Radstock area, work starter C1840, closed in 1953 by the NCB. 

Coates Cider fruit mex                 £13.00

A young man Redvers Coate worked a year unpaid to learn about cider making, he borrowed money from his family and built up a cider company in Nailsea, Somerset. All  profits go to the Children's Hospice South west  


Pool Fisheries of Dorset     £12.50

Pool a town with a large natural harbour has a tradition going back many centuries.

Pither & Son of Castle Cary Somerset    £15.00 Furniture Manufacturer etc. 

After doing an apprenticeship as a cabinet maker in Clevedon Charles Pither acquired a furniture business in Castle Cary, building it up to a large family business.  

Previous wagons available in stock

Thomas & Evans, Welsh Hills, of Porth, Rhondda, Orangeade                       £12.50

At a time when there was much drunkenness in the Rhondda Valleys two men decided to make and sell soft drinks as an alternative to beer, here is another wagon for those who collect the Welsh Hills wagons.

The Falcon Brewery was founded in 1640, later acquired in 1760 by the Lacon family, remaining a family business for over 200 years. Purchased by Whitbread 1965, closed 1968.

E. Lacon, Brewers of Great Yarmouth  £12.50

The Either Side Brake Co. Ltd. of London £12.00

There was only one set of hand brakes, until a second set was put on the wagon, avoiding the wagon running away and causing an accident if the shunter was on the off side of the wagon. 

Newbury Bros. Fruit Perserving & Confectionary Works  of Battle     £12.50

C1850 Henry Newbery opened a baking and confectionery business, by chance began making jam from fresh fruit in the area, the Newbury factory became a major employer in the area called Newtime Foods Ltd.  

All profits will go to the Battle Museum

Rodda's Cornish Cream                    £12.50

Rodda's Cornish Cream started life in a Cornish Kitchen in 1890, now sold all over the world. All profits go to the Jemina Layzel Trust, helping to fund treatment and care for young people (under 18s)suffering from brain injury, also encouraging people to sign up to the NHS organ donor register.  

George Warren Warehousing of Minehead    


1914 George Warren of 30 Friday Street, Minehead was working as a cabinet maker, by 1919 he had progressed to also being an upholsterer and a furniture remover, having his own pantechnicons.  

Llangollen Corn Mill                                 £12.50

The mill was founded by the monks of Valle Crucis Abbey. The present mill was re-built in 1786. Used to grind corn until1896, it then changed to animal feed. All profits go to the British Institute for Brain Injured Children. 

The General Haulage & Storage Company of   

Swansea       £12.50

Apart from a photo that was kindly given to us, we have been unable to find the wagons history, and would be pleased if anyone has it. The good news is that all profits are going to the Cancer Research Wales

The Swansea Brewery Co.                £12.50    

The brewery was registered in 1896 as Swansea Old Brewery and Davies (Cardigan) Bonded Stores Ltd. to acquire other companies. Acquired by William Hancock & Co. Ltd. in 1927, ceased brewing 1934. All profits go to Cancer research Wales.   

D.J. Hopkins coal merchant    

of South Dock, Swansea.    £12.00

This is one of a number of wagons that acquired their coal from Bryndu Colliery and supplying the docks.

Devonshire Girl Brand Cream of Sampford Peverell  £12.50

Devonshire Girl Cream one result of many from a business being started at Fordlands Farm in 1884 by Mr. R,S. Norrish.

John Boyd Textiles of Castle Cary £12.50

John Boyd Textiles company, established 1837 and the last still to use horsehair to weave fabrics in the U.K and one of the last in the world. All profits go to Diabetes U.K.

Watchet Trading Company of Somerset  £12.50     18 Left

The Watchet Trading Company was very busy when Watchet harbour brought much trade to the small town with ships loading and unloading, they were also ship owners themselves. 

Anglo-Bavarian Brewery of Shepton Mallet
8 LEFT                   £12.50 

Anglo-Bavarian Brewery was erected in 1864 and first known as Shepton Mallet Pale Ale Brewery, When named Anglo-Bavarian Brewery, during the First World War the word Bavarian had to be dropped.

John Byford, of Moody Wharf, Poplar          Depots,Eastham, Barking & Southend £12.50

John Byford born 1834, trading as a coal merchant by 1874, eventfully also dealing in corn and building supplies. 

 Isaac Wright of Rye, Sussex container £15.00

Isaac Wright, proud to be an agent of South Eastern Railway Company, and claimed that he could deliver to all parts of the country.

Archibald Campbell & Co. Argyle Brewery Edinburgh       3 left                £12.50

The Argyle Brewery was founded 1710, by1756 operated by Archibald Campbell and his son of the same name, changed much over the years until1969 when sold to Dryborgh & Vaux/Ushers, ceased brewing 1970. All profits go to the Weston General Hospital fro their Scanner Appeal.

Edinburgh & Dumfriesshire Dairies    £15.00 

The 1920's when small dairies could not find enough fresh milk to satisfy the residents of Edinburgh, milk was brought into the city from Dumfriesshire by the Edinburgh and Dumfriesshire dairies. All profits go to Myaware to help research into Myasthenia.

Norman Hunt & Sons Cider Makers of Sedlescombe, Battle, Sussex
                        17 LEFT           £12.50 

Norman Hunt & Sons are a family farming business who have been growing apples since the 1930s. Today following their family traditions & values growing cider apples of many varieties. All profits go to the Children's Hospice South West. 

Putland's of Tunbridge Wells, Brewers and Soft Drinks                 12 left                         £12.50

Thomas Putland apart from brewing and producing table waters, he was a coal and corn merchant and owned his own wagons.

E. S. Beaven (Maltings) of Warminster, Diss &  Great Yarmouth                                  £12.50

"E. S. Beaven (Maltings) Ltd. was a maltings subsidiary of Arthur Guinness Son & Co. (Great Britain) Ltd.  Guinness added maltings at Diss and Great Yarmouth to the Warminster portfolio.

Wilts United Dairies, Coronet  Brand Evaporated Milk    9 Left       £12.50

Coronet Evaporated Milk another of the products from Wilts United Dairies at Trowbridge, can join their Diploma Condensed Milk and other Wilts United milk wagons on you tracks.

East Kent Brewery of Sandwich, Kent.   £12.50

The Brewery was founded by John Holle in 1823 at Strand Street, Sandwich, Kent. registered in 1898 , later it was amalgamated  with Ash & Co. Dane John Brewery of Canterbury, to form Ashe's East Kent Brewery, in 1923 acquired by Jude, Hanbury & Co. Ltd. All profits go to the Hastlions Amateur Dramatic & Operatic Society, helping young people into the preforming arts.

John Stephens, Son & Co. Ltd. Jam & Pickle Manufactures & Vinegar Brewers of Gloucester.                                  £ 12.50              

John Stephens established a vinegar & pickle factory in1870. In 1901 became a limited company taking over a jam & provision merchants soon employing 400 people.

S. Healing & Sons, Borough Flour Mills  of  Tewkesbury                                        £12.50       

The Borough Flour Mills was served by the River Avon , road and Bristol & Gloucester Railway, producing  both flour &animal feeds. All profits go to help with the heavy overhaul of 3850, an ex GWR freight loco built in 1942.

Cotton Powder Co. Ltd. of Faversham, Kent & Melling Near Liverpool, Explosives Manufacturers.                                       £12.50

The first high explosive guncotton was invented at the Faversham works 1846, later expanded into other explosives. The works was requisitioned in WW1, closed 1919

                           Alloa Brewery £12.50                       

This will be our first scotish wagon, the brewery was founded 1810, acquired by Archibald Arrol 1866, a number of changes took place over the years.1921 they produced lager for Samuel Allsopp & Sons of Burton-on-Trent who in 1930 took controlling interest in Alloa. Brewing ceased 1998, brewery demolished 2001.

John Wainwright & Company, Tar Macadam Manufactures of London & Shepton Mallet.  A  5 plank wagon Just 6 left   £12.00

John Wainwright & Co. was founded in 1891 when an auctioneer  decided to diversify into the quarry industry. All profits will go to Breath Easy,The British Lung Foundation.

Budden & Biggs Brewery, Strood, Rochester   £12.50 

The brewery begun life as Biggs Brewery in Wrotham, later Jonathan Biggs acquired premises in Strood and moved the business there, In the late 1850's was called Strood Steam Ale Brewery. 1897 joined with James Budden, becoming Budden & Biggs. 

First Swiss Alpine Milk Exporting Co. £15.00

The company began operating 1882, the milk was sold as additive free with fortifying properties. This Company was based in ENGLAND

Old Delabole Slate Company                 £13.00

Approx. 2 miles from Camelford in Cornwall is the quarry 425 feet deep and more than a mile and a half in circumference is the quarry of Old Delabole Slate Company. All profits go to BRACE to fund research into Alzheimer's and other form's of Dementia.

The Norton Mills Co. of Norton Fitzwarren      £12.50

The Norton Mills Co. produced both plain and self raising flour, now closed.

John Gibbon of Pontypridd                    £12.00   

With little Known about this company apart that the wagon came from the Gloucester  Railway Carriage and Wagon Company Limited works.

G. Russell of St Leonards - on- Sea    £12.00
Now 8 left

This wagon was built by the Midland Railway Carriage and Wagon Co. Ltd. and registered by the SE&CR in 1906. The wagon is thought to have belonged Guy Russell a coal merchant who lived in Silchester Road in St Leonards.

Hoare Brothers of Tavistock                      £15.00

1912 Hoare Brothers began Quarrying at Wallabrook Quarry, Tavistock, so beginning a road metal contractors, stone crushers and stone merchants business.

Chiltonian Biscuits of Sidley, Bexhill    £12.50
                                        8 Left

The Chiltonian Biscuit factory closed C 1980. The Eddie Izzard family layout was presented to Bexhill Museum by Eddie and his brother Mark, and updated by a few members of the Bexhill M.R.C. The biscuit factory was depicted on the layout needing the wagons to go with it. So others may enjoy these wagons here they are.                    All profits go to Autism Sussex to help with their work  
Chiltonian Biscuit wagon being held by John and Eddie Izzard at the Bexhill Museum in front of the Izzard family layout. 

Mew, Langton's Brewers Isle of Wight  £15.00

10 Left

Founded C1814 the Royal Brewery was the largest brewery on the Island, developed screw top cans,and a major supplyer to to the military at Portsmouth and elsewhere.    Also granted a Royal Warrant to supply Queen Victoria.                           All profits go to the Ian Richie Foundation to help those with Cistic Fibrosis 

L. Williams & Son of Aberthaw          £12.00
11 left

This wagon would be one of five acquired by L. Williams in 1897to transport coal for the lime works.They had their own siding north oh St. Athan Road Station. South Wales is one of the areas that blue lias is found.                                              
 All profits go to Guide Dogs for the Blind.

Port Talbot Steel Co. Ltd.  £12.00   6 Left

This Wagon was part of an order to the Glouchester Wagon & Carriage Works  in 1906. The Port Talbot steel works have been renowned for making good quality steel.

Norman Hunt & Sons of Sedlescombe, Battle.                                             £12.50   2 Left

Norman Hunt and Sons are a family farming business who have been growing apples since the1930s making fine ciders, this is the third in a series of Norman Hunt wagons with the last will be out later in 2017.All profits from the sale of the Crowman wagons go to The Parchment Trust helping disabled young people,

Ridlers Cider from Herefordshire          £12.50                                         10 Left

The 1800's saw a change in cider making, after many years being made in small quantities by local farmers, factory made cider began to be produced. When the the railways arrived they were able to transport heave goods into the big cities. Evans & Ridlers were some of the first to take advantage of this.